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Depression’s Reign

A bitter rain begins to pour Distorting a malignant puddle An indignant struggle The feelings are utterly poorA question that clouds the bluest of skies The downfall of demise Beneath the overcast doubt Who am I?No longer face with identity’s drought My hopes and dreams faded  With the rain sodden ropes Of my schemes slips… Continue reading Depression’s Reign

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No thought – A Prefab Sprout tribute

There are all kinds of sentiments I wish to express to you if I could But I can’t, my dear passionate sentences don't survive here No instead my feelings tend to be die, unfulfilled Step aside and hide still, I hear the songs of Paddy McAloon I confess to you 'cause I believe no neurotic… Continue reading No thought – A Prefab Sprout tribute

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The Adventures – Marianne #SongoftheDay

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRccSmPC4GM ℗ 1993 Polydor Ltd. (UK) The Quotidian Ineffability of Existence is finally back! After a month away, dealing with the disappointments of life. Why not something upbeat? This is The Adventures with Marianne from their final studio album Lions and Tigers and Bears.

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Nightmare or Dream on the Shore On Another World

On the shore of Loch Larch  An old decrepit cottage lies Where a cantankerous man resides Alone with simmering a pot of pottage And rancorous flame inside Sounds of hisses and bubbles Filler the misses and troubles A broken spirit Every emotion, only a token For a previous passion Seeking compassion As he goes for… Continue reading Nightmare or Dream on the Shore On Another World